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 Yohei Hamada (b. 1987) is a Bodø/Bergen based dance artist from Japan, who holds BA Liberal Arts in Yokohama National University, MA in Philosophy at the Graduate School / Faculty of Urban Innovation (IUI) at the Yokohama National University(2013).

Hamada recognises the body as a tool to rediscover dynamic systems such as earth, life and society, and the dance to rediscover relations, beyond Eurocentric dualism, between the systems such as self-body, body-object and human-nature. By referring interdisciplinary to the knowledge from mathematics, architecture, physics, anthropology, linguistics, martial arts and dance methods as well as the wisdom of daily life, he works in the performing arts field both in theatre and at site. Affordance and Tensegrity have been the key terms in his practice. His focus is around the Arctic-Baltic and East Asia regions, where different realities based on European and non-European cultures meet. Recently, he created Push Pull Matters (2023), a dance performance exploring the body-object relations referring to hand-working tools both in Norway and Japan. In order to find new thinking models for symbiotic and sustainable living, he is currently interested in non-dogmatic beliefs such as animism, and the diversity of technologies and cosmologies in each culture originated each myth, as the Chinese thinker Yuk Hui says.
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