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横浜国立大学大学院Y-GSC博士課程前期修了。(哲学修士号取得)2022-24 UREDD アーティスト。2023年度Dance Base Yokohamaレジデンスアーティスト。
Yohei Hamada(b. 1987) is a Norway based dance artist from Japan, who holds BA Liberal Arts in Yokohama National University, MA in Philosophy at the Graduate School / Faculty of Urban Innovation (IUI) at the Yokohama National University(2013).

In the belief that a better understanding of the body from different perspectives and scales leads to a better understanding of society and human relations, Hamada seeks out dance as an interaction of body and surroundings and works in the performing arts field by referring interdisciplinary to the knowledge from mathematics, architecture, physics, anthropology, linguistics, carpentry, martial arts and dance methods as well as the wisdom of daily life. Affordance and Tensegrity are the key terms in his practice. His focus is currently on the Arctic-Baltic and East Asia regions. Recently, he created Push Pull Matters (2023) by focusing is on the physicality embodied by using hand-working tools both from Norway and Japan in collaboration with Norges Fiskerimuseum, co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen and Carte Blanche and supported by Norsk Kulturrådet, Nordisk Kulturfond, Bergen city and Vestland County. Hamada was an Uredd artist 2022-24 (the 3rd generation) and a Dance Base Yokohama residence artist until March 2024.
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