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Push Pull Matters(2023)
a performing art project with tools, body and structure
a part of (working title)
a choreographic research and a  pilot project with Haruka Fukao and Nicola Gunn
今日の遊び Covid-19編(2020-2021)
A dance of the day ~ COVID-19(2020-2021)

Non dancing-person-centralised daily dance video letters"By seeing the dancing body in the frame,
the surroundings becomes more vivid and visible."
 A Tail Holder(2020)
a dance of human body and Japanese candles, 51 min. 
world premier: 20th Feb. 2020, Cornerteateret, Frontlosjefestivalen, Bergen, Norway
Previous works will be shown here shortly.
Please check also my cv in
ABOUT page.

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