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15min solo & exhibition
10-18.06.2017, at ninjinsan, Shimosuwa, Japan
Co-produced by ninjinsan

Skjerm Davvi-04233.JPG

Photo: Marthe Nyvoll

Video: Eivind Kåset

Push Pull Matters is a dance performance with objects such as ropes and sticks. The project departed from the fact that a woodworking plane are used by pulling in Japan, but by pushing in Norway (and most of other countries). The research on tools and relation between body and tools took place in Japan and Norway for over two years, and after creation in Norway, the project premiered at Norges Fiskerimuseum (Norwegian Fishery Museum) in Bergen, Norway, in August 2023.

The audience will witness dancers exploring the relations between body and object by dancing in unison with ropes, sticks and nets, and assembling and disassembling structures. Dancers from different cultural backgrounds dance with the structure and it is consequently processed, dismantled, and respectfully misused in an attempt to discover a new relations between body and objects.


2023 08 23 push pull matters dress rehearsal 00041.jpg
2023 08 23 push pull matters dress rehearsal 00013.jpg

Photo: Sasha Azanova

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